Posted by: Liz | January 15, 2009

2009 Initial Race Plan, yea!

Here, in the dead of the Chicago winter where it’s too cold to take a comfortable walk to the neighborhood cafe, I suppose I’m dreaming about an active race season to keep me motivated. Fleet Feet Chicago just released its race series for 2009. I get all my shoes from Fleet Feet Elmhurst, since they helped me out before I was a runner. They are so nice there–stop by and shop!

So, it got me thinking about my plan…here’s what I’m may be too ambitious. I may cut some out so as not to get bored with racing, we’ll see how I feel when the season gets closer.

May 2, Palos Bank Half Marathon South West
June 7, 131 Chicago Half Marathon (Washington Park)
July 19, Women’s 5K, 10K festival
July 26, San Francisco Marathon
August 29, Chicago Triathalon Relay (Run)
September 13, Chicago Half Marathon
End of September, Nike 20 mile ‘Ready to Run’
October 11, Chicago Marathon

The most important ones are the two marathons, of course!


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